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This is a program of study for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and who wish to seek the Students with Disabilities Grade 7-12 Generalist Certification.

Additional requirements for the Program:

Students must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Have a major or the equivalent in one or more of the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Have 6 credit hours or the equivalent of study in a language other than English.
  • Have 3 credit hours in the fine arts.
  • Have or complete 6 credit hours of study at the 200 level or above in each of the following courses: English, History, Mathematics and Science.
Courses must have been completed within the last six years or may be taken in conjunction with the required courses listed below. Courses must show a grade of B or above. Courses may be taken at the graduate or undergraduate level, and must be approved by the education department.

Academic Requirements (45-49 credit hours*)

Required Courses:
EDU 501 – Foundations of Literacy (3)
EDU 503 – Literacy and Comprehension: Middle-Adolescence (3)
EDU 505 – Foundation of Special Education (3)
EDU 511 – Introduction to Teaching (1)
EDU 512 – Practical Teaching Methodologies (3)
EDU 521 – Foundations of Education (3)
EDU 525 – Assessment of Children and Youth with Special Needs (3)
EDU 527 – Adolescence Special Education Methods (3)
EDU 528 – Methods and Curriculum: Severe Disabilities (3)
EDU 621 – Inclusive Classroom Strategies I (3)
EDU 615 – Learning and Cognition (3)
EDU 632 – Data-Based Decision Making (3)
PSY 604 – Child and Adolescent Development: Implications for Educators (3)
EDU 697 – Professional Development in Education: Graduate Dossier (3)
EDU 699 - Professional Development in Education: Inquiry Project (3)

Student Teaching or Mentored Internship

EDU 671 – Student Teaching Seminar (1)
EDU 675 – Student Teaching I (4) or EDU 677 – Mentored Internship (4)
EDU 676 – Student Teaching II (4) or EDU 678* - Mentored Internship (4)

* Students who currently have NYSED initial certification are required to complete only one student teaching placement. Contact the Utica College Department of Education for further information.

Students with Disabilities, Grade 7-12 Subject Extensions

Candidates with a base certificate in SWD 7-12 Generalist are eligible to be recommended for the extension title(s) at grade level 7-12 once they have successfully completed 18 semester hours of study or its equivalent in one or more of the following:
  • earth science
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • physics
  • social studies
  • mathematics
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
For Social Studies, the candidate shall complete the 18 semester hours through a combination of study in United States history, world history and geography.

More Information:

Contact the Office of Graduate Admissions.



John Rowe
Director of Graduate Admissions

(315) 792-3010
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502