Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) - School Building Leader
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Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS)

F. Eugene Romano Hall at UCSchool Building Leader

This is a program of study for candidates seeking New York State certification as school building leader. By completion
of the program, to be certified as school building leaders, candidates must hold a permanent or professional teaching
certificate, three years of teaching experience, and successfully complete the written and performance components of
the State assessment in school building leadership.
See page 15 for other requirements.

Academic Requirements (30 credit hours)

Required Courses (30 credit hours)

EDU 603 – School Administration: Models of Leadership (3)
EDU 634 – Educational Administration: Theory, Research, and Practice (3)
EDU 635 – Theory and Practice in Supervision (3)
EDU 636 – Human Resources and Labor Relations (3)
EDU 637 – Student Support and Community Communication: Research and Practice (3)
EDU 638 – School Business Management and Finance (3)
EDU 644 – Principles of Data-Based Curriculum, Instructional Planning and Assessment (3)
EDU 647 – School Law (3)
EDU 648 – Leadership of Special Programs (3)
EDU 670 – Administrative Internship (3)



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