The Art of Science Exhibition

Featured at "The Celebration of the Arts Day", April 24th, 2012



For a PDF version flier for this exhibition, please click here.

The Art of Science Exhibition Submission Guidelines

1. Images submitted for display may be obtained by any method (including, but not limited to, computer graphics, microscopy, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.) but MUST have a direct and evident connection to physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and/or molecular biology.

2. All images submitted must include a title and a short description (50 words or less) of the technique used, the object that was imaged (including its scientific relevance), and any special conditions.
3. Images must be original, address a topic/issue of scientific significance, and possess artistic and/or visual impact.

4. All faculty, staff, and students at Utica College are welcome and encouraged to participate in this event. Persons not affiliated with Utica College who wish to submit an entry should contact Dr. Barr ( for details.
5. Any image that does not conform to these guidelines will NOT be displayed.

6. Images will be displayed at the “Celebration of the Arts” event on April 24, 2012 from 3:30-5:00 in the Utica College Library Concourse.

7. This event is being jointly sponsored by the Chemistry Club, the Asa Gray Society, and the Premedical Society. Funds of up to $200 may be available for purchase of materials and/or for prizes to be awarded at the event. Contact Dr. Barr ( for more details.

Some interesting links:

Biophysical Society "The Art of Science" Image Contest winners from 2011:

Chemical and Engineering News Photo Contest:

Colorful microscope images (especially toward the bottom of the page):

A gallery of artistic renderings of atomic and molecular orbitals:

Some small molecules rendered creatively on the computer:

Some examples of images from computational (bio)chemistry:

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