Dr. Thomas McCarthy
Chair of Biology

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Foundations of Biology Courses

"The professors prepared me very well for life in dental school. The material that has been introduced to me so far, I have already seen at UC." Faheem Nasar, DMD I, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Beginning in the Sophomore year, Biology majors take courses that provide specific, in-depth training in areas of biology that make up the foundation of the field. Students are required to have training in the following areas:

Cellular/Molecular Biology
    BIO321 Genetics or BIO327 Cell Biology
Population Biology
    BIO323 Ecology or BIO329 Evolution
Structural/Functional Biology
    BIO322 Develpmental Biology or BIO324 Animal Physiology
Organismal Biology
    BIO325 Botany and one of the following:
    BIO432 Principles of Microbiology
    BIO433 Parasitology
    BIO434 Mycology
    BIO436 Biology of Vertebrates
    BIO437 Biology of Invertebrates