Foundations of Biology Courses
Major in Biology

Foundations of Biology Courses

"The professors prepared me very well for life in dental school. The material that has been introduced to me so far, I have already seen at UC." Faheem Nasar, DMD I, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Beginning in the Sophomore year, Biology majors take courses that provide specific, in-depth training in areas of biology that make up the foundation of the field. Students are required to have training in the following areas:

Cellular/Molecular Biology
    BIO321 Genetics or BIO327 Cell Biology
Population Biology
    BIO323 Ecology or BIO329 Evolution
Structural/Functional Biology
    BIO322 Develpmental Biology or BIO324 Animal Physiology
Organismal Biology
    BIO325 Botany and one of the following:
    BIO432 Principles of Microbiology
    BIO436 Biology of Vertebrates
    BIO437 Biology of Invertebrates


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