Facilities Updates
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Facilities Updates

2017 - In collaboration with students in the Computer Science Department, we are building a wireless sensor network in our greenhouse.

2017 -  August - GSC 173 is renovated for new research spaces including the Light Pollution Research Laboratory

2016- August - GSC180 Biology and Nutrition Lab Renovation Complete

2013 - September - Dedication: Dr. Michael E. Romano Microbiology LaboratoryGSC168 Renovation

2013 - September - GSC168 Microbiology Lab Renovation Complete

2013 - May - GSC168 Microbiology Lab Renovation Begins

2012 - October - Dedication: The Community Foundation Zoology LaboratoryCommunity Foundation Gift for new UC lab

2012 - September - GSC187/197 Zoology Lab Renovations Complete

2012 - May - GSC187/197 Zoology Lab Renovation Begins

2011 - September - Dedication: James and Katherine Pyne General Biology LaboratoryPyne General Biology Laboratory

2011 - September - GSC166 General Biology Lab Renovation Complete.

2011 - Gordon Renovation Begins!

Beginning May 2011, five biology labs and Donahue Auditorium will be completely modernized. The labs are GSC166 General Biology, GSC168 Microbiology, GSC172 Genetics, GSC178 Cell Biology, and GSC197 Zoology.

2010 - Equipment Grants and Research Lab Renovation

Two Grants ($100,000.00 from the Community Foundation and $50,000.00 from the Alden Trust) allowed us to update equipment in several labs including extensive renovation of the light pollution and behavior research core labs in GSC180.

2007 - Anatomy Lab Construction

Two new biology labs were added during the Construction of Romano Hall: ROM301 Anatomy and Physiology and ROM302 Gross Anatomy (shared with PT program). Addition of the new Anatomy and Physiology Lab allowed us to move our dissection classes (BIO212 General Biology II, BIO436 Biology of Vertebrates, and BIO437 Biology of Invertebrates) to GSC197 where there is over-bench ventilation.

2004 - New Research Equipment

$1,780,000.00 Science Infrastructure Grant from NASA funded purchase of new research equipment by Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Geology.


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