Essentials of Biology Courses
Major in Biology

Essentials of Biology Courses

"A lesson for all of the current undergrad bio majors; you will see research methods when you go on to medical/dental, or any other health-related school." Faheem Nasar, UC grad - DMD I, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

BIO211 General Biology I with Laboratory*
BIO212 General Biology II with Laboratory
BIO231 Research Methods I
BIO232 Research Methods II

These courses are designed to introduce students to scientific inquiry during their first year including:

- philosophy and process of science
- the research literature and experimental design
- basic laboratory skills
- essential biological theories and facts

Our Essentials classes begin the process of training our students as scientists of biology.

In General Biology, students learn essential theories and mechanisms in the classical fields of biology: biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, physiology, anatomy, genetics, ecology, and evolution. Students also learn essential laboratory, microscopy, and dissection skills.

In Research Methods, students learn how to design experiments, collect data, analyze data, interpret research papers, and create research manuscripts and presentations. These skills will be reinforced in Foundations of Biology courses beginning in year two and in the Integrated Biological Experience completed in the Senior year. These are essential skills whether you are interested in research or professional school.

*Students will be required to earn a grade of C or better in BIO 211 before enrolling in any subsequent Biology courses that are required for the Biology major.


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