Biology Major Elective Courses
Major in Biology

Biology Elective Courses

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Once major requirements are completed, any 300-400 course can be taken as an elective.

Biology Students can tailor their degree to their own interests or requirements.

For example, a student interested in diseases might want to take:

    BIO321 Genetics
    BIO432 Principles of Microbiology
    BIO454 Immunology
    BIO455 Virology

whereas a student interested in zoology might take:

    BIO323 Ecology
    BIO324 Animal Physiology
    BIO329 Evolution
    BIO436 Biology of Vertebrates
    BIO437 Biology of Invertebrates
    BIO528 Animal Behavior

and a student interested in mammalian organ systems might take:
    BIO322 Developmental Biology
    BIO324 Animal Physiology
    BIO336 Histology
    BIO362 Endocrinology
    BIO436 Biology of Vertebrates
    BIO455 Immunology

and a student interested in ecology or environmental biology might take:

    BIO323 Ecology
    BIO329 Evolution
    BIO438 Conservation Biology

BIO400 Special Topics in the Life Sciences - Students perform in-depth exploration of research by researchers visiting UC to give Asa Gray Seminars

BIO 495 Senior Seminar- 
Topics change every semester and allow students to take courses of interest to them once their major requirements are completed. Recent Seminars: Neuroscience of Fear, Stem Cell Biology, Winter Ecology.


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