Integrated Biological Experience
Major in Biology

Integrated Biological Experience

“The Biology department offers a wide range of research opportunities (organismal and molecular). I gained extensive experience performing my research that has helped me in graduate school. I also gained work experience as I performed work-study as a research lab manager.” Tammy Kenny, '05 now studies Bat Echolocation at SUNY Fredonia

Seniors pull all of their training together to perform their Integrated Biological Experience. There are three ways to do this:

BIO450 Senior Research - Many Seniors perform independent research with faculty at UC. Students develop a research question, study the existing research literature, and perform a real research project to answer the question. Students are encouraged to publish their findings in peer-reviewed national and international research journals.

BIO470 Biology Practicum - Seniors can get course credit for performing biology internships off campus.

BIO495 Senior Seminar - Seniors perform in-depth study of a particular area of biological research. Recent Senior Seminars have included Neuroscience of Fear, Stem Cell Biology, and Winter Ecology.


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