Biochemistry Program - Learning Goals
Major in Biochemistry

Biochemistry - Program Student Learning Goals

Students graduating from any program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Utica College will demonstrate the ability to:

Think like a chemist

  • Analyze chemical behavior using structure-function relationships
  • Assess chemical mechanisms using reaction-energy relationships
  • Apply qualitative and quantitative reasoning to solve problem

Work like a chemist

  • Exhibit a culture of workplace safety and chemical hygiene
  • Use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze structure, function, and chemical reactivity
  • Apply appropriate laboratory techniques for successful synthesis and purification of chemical compounds
  • Exhibit a familiarity with modern chemical instrumentation, including the applications, capabilities, and limitations of such tools

Write like a chemist

  • Record, in a permanent fashion, laboratory procedures and data in a concise and accurate manner
  • Write clear and effective reports of activity in the laboratory
  • Exhibit effective written and oral communication skills for presenting experimental and theoretical results as well as promoting awareness of chemical issues to the general public 

Updated 2011-12

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