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Welcome to UC from IITS (Integrated Information Technology Services)! Here is some important information about the technology on campus.

  • For the benefit of everyone using Wifi in the residence halls, we don't allow you to bring your own wireless router or other network gear.  If you need help visit the Help Desk office in the lower level of the Library.

  • Wireless printers can be used with a USB cable. The wireless features must be off, though.  You don't need a printer at all, of course! Save some money, and use the free printing provided in the computer labs and Library.

  • Cable TV is available. You'll need a TV that has a built in digital QAM tuner.  This is standard on most TVs, but check the specs on your TV before you pack just to be sure.  Visit for more information.

  • You'll find that Chromecast devices and Apple TVs are not compatible with our network at this time, so just leave those at home.  Most Smart TVs and other devices do work on campus.  Check our Supported Devices page.

  • Modern game consoles are compatible with our network!  Some older devices may not work, see our our Supported Devices page.

  • About your UC Google account:

    • You get unlimited storage space on Google Drive!
    • If you leave UC before graduating your account will be removed, but we can let you know how to download all your data before that happens.

    • When you graduate from UC you'll be given an option to keep renewing your account. You just have to keep using it, and renew when prompted.

    • UC Google accounts don't allow financial transactions. This includes purchases made using Google Wallet, paid content from the Google Play Store, and in-app purchases. Please use a separate personal Gmail account for any paid apps or services.

  • Don't run through your cell data!  Make sure you're on Wifi whenever possible. iPhone users should turn off the Wifi Assist option in the Settings app, under Cellular.

More information is available at our FAQ page,, as well as our main page If you can't find answers to your questions there just contact the Help Desk at 315-792-3115 or Have a great day!

Mike Clapsadl
Coordinator of User Services, IITS

UTICA COLLEGE  |  1600 Burrstone Road, Utica, NY 13502
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