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UMAIL #15: Roommates 101


Going away to college is the beginning of a life changing experience. Along with navigating a new campus, managing your free time, and keeping up with your classwork, you face the challenge of figuring out how to get along with your roommate.

In addition to trying to cram your stuff into every open corner, having a roommate means taking another person's mood and feelings into account on a daily basis. Perhaps on move-in day, the sight of your future roommate’s country music collection and Luke Bryan shrine indicated that your Drake-only ears were in for a long year. Or perhaps your new roomie is an old friend from home who you didn't know enjoyed growing mold on his toothbrush. Regardless of all these quirks, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind to keep everyone's sanity intact throughout your first year at UC. 

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  1. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Even if all parties agree that living in filth is perfectly acceptable, it should be each roommate’s responsibility to clean up their own petrified spaghetti and sweaty, decrepit socks if (hopefully not when) the time comes. Or at least trade chore duties equally.
  2. SILENCE CAN BE GOLDEN. If you are a morning person, don't hit the snooze button eight times before you roll out of bed. If you can study in the middle of a circus but your roommate needs absolute quiet, take your studying to the common room or library. By respecting each other's sleeping and study habits, both of you will remain happy.
  3. AVOID SCREAMING FIGHTS. Butting heads is going to be an inevitability, but by keeping lines of communication open it won't escalate into a glass-shattering level of accusations and insults. Don't save all your conversations for when things are going wrong. If you have something on your mind, speak up!
  4. ASK PERMISSION. This includes everything from borrowing  clothes to eating their food to asking if you can have a friend crash in your room. Setting policies on borrowing right after moving in can help to avoid big trouble when these problems creep up in the future.
  5. EXCHANGE EMERGENCY NUMBERS. Yes, it possibly sounds ultra paranoid and a little too similar to adult responsibility, but trading emergency contacts shortly before moving in together can be a great "just in case."
We have all heard horror stories where roommates are involved, but by remembering to treat your roommate with the respect that you would like to receive in return, you can avoid massacre. With a little patience, consideration and communication, you and your roommate can create a healthy, happy living space together during your first year at UC.


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