Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program (YSLPP)
Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program

Young Scholars Liberty
Partnerships Program (YSLPP)



The Young Scholars LPP is a collaborative project between Utica College and the Utica City School District that was launched in 1993 in Utica, New York.  The multi-year program is designed by School District and College officials to meet the challenge of motivating teenage students to stay in school, earn a New York State Regents Diploma with the Advanced Designation, and pursue post-secondary education. 

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Young Scholars provides a variety of enrichment programs for its students

Young Scholars doing a ropes course

Students in front White House



Recent Graduates  Reflect on the Past, Discuss Their Greatest Accomplishments

Before graduation, high schoolers have a lot on their minds such as where they are attending college, going to work or if they will take on the task of trying to do both.

Some Young Scholar graduates looked back on their time in the program and what they had accomplished.

Alumnus Morris Belle said his greatest accomplishment [was] "passing all of [his] regents exams."

Like Belle, a lot of other students expressed excitement in academic achievements.

"I'm the first one to graduate from high school in my family," alumna Antoinette Haney said.

Some reflections were just recalling the friendships made and the support from the Young Scholars program.

"[My advice to new Young Scholars is to] take advantage of the program," alumna Ashley Hahn said. "Incorporate everything you are told into everyday life."


YSLPP 2007 graduate Stephon Hamell receives the NYS 2015 Liberty All-Star Alumni Award

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Reflections from Young Scholar Alumni

"Do your best and whatever you want to do in life, follow it and don't let anything get in your way."- Gary Talerico '09


"Take each step with purpose, and take your steps one step at a time."- Tyriek Burgess '10

"Just listen to the staff, they definitely will help you."- Ali Johnson '09

"Make sure you do a lot of community service hours, it will help you in the long run. Take as many AP courses as you can."- Kishon Grant '10



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