Identity Fraud Trends and Patterns: Building a Data-Based Foundation for Proactive Enforcement

The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection was awarded a grant for $173,948 from the Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA), Office of Justice Programs, Department of Justice on August 30, 2006. This project is complete. The report is available on this website under Publications.

Identity Theft Assistance Corporation (ITAC)

ITAC has shared with CIMIP its dataset of 12,000 records (with no personally identifying information) of identity theft victims they have assisted.  A graduate student in the Economic Crime Masters program at Utica College analyzed the data and made recommendations for future data collection.

Survey:  ID Theft Awareness and Behavior of 18-29 Year Olds

NCPC and CIMIP are working together with a graduate student in the Economic Crime Masters program at Utica College.  A survey of undergraduate students has been conducted, concerning their knowledge of identity theft, as well as what they do and do not do to protect themselves from it. 

The Use of Identity Management by Non-Compliant Sexual Offenders

CIMIP is beginning a new project on the ways in which non-compliant sexual offenders are manipulating their identities to "hide in plain sight."  The first phase will be to interview experts in the field to gather anecdoctal data.

Identity Management Research Workshop

In July 2007 CIMIP hosted a two day, by invitation only, workshop. The goal was to bring together subject matter experts from academe, government, and corporations to develop a comprehensive three year research agenda in the areas of identity management and information protection.  A report on the workshop has been prepared which addresses the state of the knowledge, the key challenges, and the research agenda to provide the necessary knowledge to address the challenges. It is available on this website under Publications.