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September 17, 2014

Participants in International Car and Identity Theft Ring Plead Guilty

Two men have pleaded guilty to taking part in a West-African based international car and identity theft ring. The defendants have admitted to purchasing stolen credit cards and corresponding counterfeit driver’s licenses from a Singapore-based “carder” website. The stolen identities were used to purchase vehicles from U.S.-based car dealerships and they were then exported to Africa. full article

September 16, 2014

Five Charged in Identity Theft Ring Involving Bank Tellers

Five individuals, three of which were employed as bank tellers, have been charged for participating in an identity theft ring. The bank tellers are accused of stealing personal and financial information from hundreds of victims. full article

Three Charged Following $30,000 Identity Theft Spree

Three California residents have been indicted on multiple charges after authorities allege they fraudulently obtained credit cards and used them to purchase merchandise and gift cards at various retail locations in Idaho. full article

Tax Preparer Pleads Guilty to Aggravated ID Theft

A tax preparer in Virginia has admitted to misusing the personally identifying information of approximately 20 clients to fraudulently apply for credit, which she then used illegitimately for personal gain. full article


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