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Monday July 6, 2015 Identity Fraud News

IRS Combats Identity Theft, Protects Taxpayers in Collaborative Effort

By St. George News

The IRS joined Thursday with representatives of tax preparation and software firms, payroll and tax financial product processors and state tax administrators to announce a sweeping collaborative effort to combat identity theft refund fraud and protect the nation’s taxpayers. full article

Feds take action against sellers of non-existent credit or identity theft monitoring service

By Jennifer Abel

Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, announced an action against two “credit card add-on product vendors” — sellers of services such as identity theft protection or credit monitoring — for billing customers for add-on services they never actually received. full article

A new early warning of identity theft is proposed

By Annamaria Androits

Sen. Schumer on Monday sent a letter to Equifax EFX -0.44%, Experian and TransUnion, the country’s three largest credit-reporting firms, asking them to implement a system that will notify consumers when someone is trying to get a loan or other type of credit in their name. If the consumers didn’t request the credit, they would have an early indication that their information had been compromised. Consumers should have the option of signing up for these alerts, the senator says. full article

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