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The Art Gallery is central to student academic life and campus. It is historically American and contemporarily international and intercultural in the exhibits developed and provided, and its engagement of non-art majors for the development of exhibits and activities for a diverse audience.

watercolor11The gallery is located in the lower level of the Library as part of the centrally located public events concourse. Students are employed through the work study program as Interns and Docents to research, develop, install and host four exhibits in the fall and spring semesters. They also provide periodic events for students for personal enrichment. This program allows students to work within the arts as an interdisciplinary work and study opportunity and connect to art and humanities. In this we provide an additional academic interest for personal and professional fulfillment and an inter-disciplinary understanding or a range of topics and issues. Many students discover their major area of study has a relationship where fine arts will aid in their studies and career. Students have access to the college owned art collection and artist-in-residence as part of the gallery program.

The gallery currently presents 2 exhibits each academic year; 2 in the fall and 2 in the spring. Exhibits present a balance of historical cultural arts from college owned and loaned collections, rotating upstate NY artists groups and individual professional artists. Students conduct research, develop records and exhibit components, and build relationships as they develop and provide marketing. Exhibits are often coordinated with courses for learning components. The hours for the gallery are Mon – Fri 1 -5 pm and Sat 12-3pm in the fall and spring semester course week. 

Established in 1980

The gallery is dedicated to Edith Langley Barrett, Professor of English, 1961-1973. Barrett led the way for the founding of the gallery, with the support of a team of fellow faculty, and provided expressive arts venues for the college community with an emphasis on bringing art into the lives of UC students.

Professor of English, Edith Langley Barrett [1970 - 1973]
Professor of Fine Art, Joan Fiori Blanchfield [1973 – 1996]
Art Historian, Virginia Kelly [1996 – 2001]
Director and Artist-in-Residence, Carolynne Whitefeather [2001-2017]

UC Artists-in-Residence
Henry DiSpirito, UC 1963 - 1995
Carolynne Whitefeather, UC 2001 – 2017


Carolynne Whitefeather
Gallery Director & Artist in Residence

(315) 792-3463


Edith Langley Barrett Fine Art Gallery
is located on the Concourse level of the
Frank E. Gannett Memorial Library.
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