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Student Conduct Program Mission Statement

"Human development is the aim of student conduct."
~Gary Pavela

The Utica College Student Conduct Program is intended to support the mission of the college through educating students about appropriate behavior and fostering a community where academic success can occur. The Program seeks to inspire the development of future leaders and responsible citizens by engaging in responsible and ethical decision-making.  Students are treated with respect, and expected to take appropriate responsibility for their behavior, and the behavior of those around them.

The Student Conduct Program believes that every student has individual rights as a member of the Utica College community, but with those rights come responsibilities. Students are expected to be leaders, and should educate their peers on what is and isn't appropriate.  Utica College strives, through its Student Conduct Program, to fairly and equitably address behavior that has a negative impact on the members of the College community in order to:
  • Foster a sense of community that allows every member to comfortably live, work, and study in an atmosphere of respect;
  • Protect the rights of all members of the Utica College community; 
  • Hold students accountable for their actions; 
  • Provide a student conduct process in which there is the opportunity for participants to experience personal growth; 
  • Assist students in developing alternatives to inappropriate behavior.


Carl Lohmann
Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
Strebel Student Center
Office Suite 105B

315-792-3181 (Fax)
(315) 792-3006
1600 Burrstone Road | Utica, NY 13502