Welcome to Utica University Student Government Association

Welcome to Utica University Student Government Association

Student Government Association


The Student Government Association is made up of the Student Senate Assembly and the House of Organizations. SGA serves as the voice for all the students at Utica College by listening to issues and concerns. The Senate Assembly includes the executive board members, senators and class representatives. The House is made up of a representative from each of the recognized student organizations on campus.  SGA meets every Wednesday, the Senate on one week and the house on the other weeks, to discuss topics ranging from funding proposals to organization recognition.

Student Government Association
Executive Board Positions

        Vice President 
                        Chief Justice
                            Public Relations Director
                                UCPB Director
                                    Inter-Greek Council President
                                        Staff Advisor

To find out more about SGA, visit our PioHub page.

For any information regarding Student Government Association, its mission, or how to be involved, please contact the executive board directly.

For more information on our recognized student organizations and how to join or get involved, click the Pioneer Place button above.  Don't forget to download the CORQ app to get the org event listing on your phone!

Also, check out the latest and most important documents through our Google Drive.

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207 Strebel Student Center
315-792-3126 (fax)

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