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2015-2016 Legacy Yearbook Editor: Issatou Fall

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The Legacy Yearbook is submitted for publication to Balfour Publishing every year in March for an April reveal to the Utica College community.  There is a large staff of UC students who design, layout, and assemble photos each year, working tirelessly to produce beautiful books so the Senior Class can cherish their UC memories for years to come.

The Utica College Legacy Yearbook Office is located in the Strebel Student Center, between Strebel Aud. and the Pioneer Pub.  A collection of yearbooks from UC's past is kept for reference.  The Office of Student Living and College Engagement, President's Office, and Utica Archives Office also keep a collection on hand.  If you have any questions, please see Legacy Advisor Fran Lucia in the Student Living and College Engagement  Office, 205 Strebel Student Center.


While we know and love our collection of student photos and special moments, we didn't always call it by the name we do today. Here are some fun facts about the birth of The Legacy.
Since it's first publication by Syracuse University in 1947, the name of the Utica College yearbook has changed several times.  Originally it was called The Onondagan, as is still the name of our founding University's yearbook.  To reflect the fact that UC was its own college, while still being of Syracuse University, UC began publishing the book itself in 1950 and the name was changed to The Annales sometime before 1955.

"Annales" comes from the Roman word Annals, which is a collection of books written as a year by year account of the Roman Empire in AD 14-68.  The last edition of The Annales was published in 1988, and the 1989 Yearbook went without a name, instead being dedicated to those we lost in Pan Am Flight 103.

The Legacy officially made its debut in 1990, signifying the gift of the years passed, and the bright hope of many more graduating classes of Utica College continuing into the future.


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Jason Francey

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