Winter? What About Fall?

As we are about a month into the fall season, we see things in the weather everyday that winter is coming! This past Sunday, it snowed here on Utica college campus. It was actually a pretty decent blizzard. No it wasn’t the typical lake effect snow that Utica College usually gets hit with throughout the month of february, but it was snow in the month of October. When you think back to those snowy conditions in the month of February and in March, you just hope and pray that the fall weather can stay a little longer and the winter season can be much shorter. Upstate NY has beautiful fall weather and the trees and leaves on the ground of course look beautiful especially on the Utica college campus. But we all know that fall doesn’t last too long. It seems as soon as November hits or weeks before thanksgiving break, we get a taste of that winter weather that we just don’t want to face. Just in case you forget more wintry weather means more cancelled classes!

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