Winter Break Agenda

Winter break is just around the corner and as much as I want to relax and be a hermit watching Netflix, that sadly cannot happen! Since it is my senior year, there is a lot to prepare for before I graduate. I switched my major my sophomore year from Health Studies (on the track to Occupational Therapy) to Psychology-Child Life, which has put me a semester behind. I will be walking with my class in May but will not be receiving my diploma until December. My last semester will be wherever my internship is, so spring semester is my last time I will be taking classes on campus. I am excited for my future, but also nervous because adulthood is crawling up fast.

This winter break I plan to organize my life, get everything I need to get done for when I begin applying for internships, and hopefully have time to relax!

I thoroughly love making lists, so what better than to make a to do list on for what I should do over winter break:

  • Edit/complete my résumé
  • Research possible internship sites
  • Organize internship binder (full of sites and information)
  • Exercise – whether it be at the gym or at home!
  • Organize myself for the upcoming spring semester
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Start a new Netflix series
  • Craft – something I love to do but barely have time for!
  • Volunteer at the local daycare
  • Get prepared for my Italian II class that I will be taking in the spring – Italian is not the easiest for me to comprehend, haha!
  • Go somewhere I have never gone before
  • Create goals for my upcoming year
  • Complete Senior Class President duties

I plan on having a productive and relaxing winter break, as I know that it will help assist with a successful senior year! Maybe you should try making an agenda for your winter break!

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