Why I Chose My Major

Coming from a really big family, I have a lot of people that are there to motivate me everyday. One of my cousins, whom I consider my big sister because she was always there for me since the day I was born, is now a general doctor. Her name is Audrey, and the fact that she took time out of her studies to be with me growing up means a lot to me and, in a way, made me feel special. Hanging out with her, I got to see her books and tools that she used in school for her medical studies, and I became interested in them.

When I entered high school, I was required to volunteer in my community in order to graduate. I did not want to volunteer in just any regular place. Unlike many of the rest of my classmates who volunteered anywhere just to get it over with, I wanted to volunteer somewhere health-related.

I went to a nearby hospital known as one of the best hospitals in the United States and applied there. It took a while for me to get an acceptance, but I got an interview. That interview was really influential to me because I noticed how I was the youngest one. Everybody else was 25 and up.

Later on, I started working in the Cardiology department, and I loved it. I was basically like an assistant nurse, wearing a blue jacket while most patients looked at me like a real nurse. I assisted the patients and made conversation with those who were lonely, who had nobody who visit them. I helped them get out of bed, put their clothes on, or if they needed anything, I had access to a room with all the utilities such as lotion, hand sanitizer, soap, food, etc.

Working there, I met a lot of inspiring people during lunch when I had to share tables because there wasn’t enough space for everybody to eat. I was able to sit down and eat with doctors, nurses, and technicians during their lunch break. Being so young, I was scared, but I was proud of myself for going all out and getting that volunteering position in a hospital. I ended up loving it so much that I did more hours than I was required to.

I then knew I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to be able to talk to and have contact with people and actually be there for them. Doctors do not really get the chance to do that because they are mostly in their office. I do not want to be just any nurse; I want to be a pediatric nurse because I have a heart for children. Growing up with my mom as a daycare provider, I also had a lot of contact with children my whole life, and I just love them. I learned how children react the way they do and how to make them feel happy.


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