What I Love About Utica

Utica College has many things to offer, and many things we both like and dislike. We love the small community where everyone knows everyone. Some love the one-on-one attention we get from our teachers and peers.  Overall, my number one favorite thing about Utica College is the community’s willingness to help others.

Compared to many other places around the country. Utica College is able to offer us a hand whenever we need help. One great thing about this is that, not only does the staff offer help, but the students as well. I have been to many other schools who I personally have noticed do not really care about you or whether or not you need help; you will be on your own. I feel bad for students who go to schools like that and am greatly thankful to be part of this one where there is extra assistance and help.

I am currently excited for the Blood Drive that is going to occur tomorrow from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Strebel Lounge, promoted by the Lambda Sigma Upsilon and Chi Beta Sigma. Many Red Cross Blood Drives are being cancelled because of the lake effect snow pummeling us in both the western counties of NY, as well as the Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties, but there are always people available to help like us.

Back in New York City where I live, I always loved volunteering and helping others, and it reminded me of when I used to Volunteer in New York Presbyterian Hospital as an assistant nurse during my high school years. I remember every year when they were donating blood in the Cardiology department, I would take a little bit of my time and donate.


We always waste some time, so why not take some of that time to make a difference to help others?