What Did You Do This Weekend?

What did you do this weekend? My weekend was filled with some amazing events. On Thursday the 4th, Fuerza Latina hosted an event called Roomie Love. At this event you were able to make a bracelet for your roommate. This event was a great way for the freshman girl in particular to bond with their roommate.


On Friday Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity through an event in the quad. This event was called water wars, they picked a perfect day to have their event because it was very sunny and humid. The location of their event was great too because it’s accessible to everyone, except a bit of a struggle for those who live in burrstone.


Saturday evening, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity along side of Chi Beta Sigma Sorority held an event in the athletic center. This event was a pool party, where the entrance fee was a bottle of water. This event was to raise water to donate to Ghana, Africa. This event was a complete success as they received a lot of water bottles.


Bonding with your roommate, water wars and a pool party…great way to end the second second weekend.