Welcome Back! Now Go Be Productive.

Welcome back to UC! We’re now almost a month into the semester and everything seems to be settling down. The first week jitters are long gone and the people are finally starting to remember their schedules, without double checking room numbers. Also, people are getting a hang of rolling out of bed right before class, as opposed to the whole “let-me-look-my-best” thing, and with that the semester can be considered fully in-swing.

With that being said, I love the in-swingness of a semester. (Apologies for the made-up terminology.) The routine of going to classes and scheduling out breaks can be the best way to lead a productive life …in my honest opinion. So, this blog post is dedicated to the minor “Type A” person in all of us.

Get into a routine! Every second of your life does NOT have to be planned out. But it does help if you consistently do things a certain way, because your body does adapt. Have you ever woken up early on a weekend, without an alarm? Your body is used to getting up that early, and just expected it. (Annoying, right?) But also helpful. So, maybe plan out a consistent library schedule. Or gym schedule. Plan to work out at a specific time every Monday, that way your body (and ultimately you) can expect it.

Write out the semester! Those syllabi that every one of your professors handed you on the first day? Useful. Look through that for important deadlines. Write all of them down. (Now would be a good time to buy a planner if you don’t already have one.) Don’t just write down tests. Write down any little thing the professor mentioned on a specific day; there was a reason why they mentioned them!

Look into events! Be on the lookout for events going on on-campus that you might want to be involved in! There is always something going on, so why not be involved with it! If you see something happening write it down in your planner so you don’t forget! Go to things! Be involved. Ya know, the speel. Have fun and all that.

So, those are just a few tips for the semester. I’ll be sure to have more as the semester goes on. But, for now, welcome back and have a good next few months!


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