We Live in the Future! Make Technology Work for You!

Being organized in today’s world is extremely important. Now one thing you can do is get a planner or you could even leave sticky notes all over your room but in my personal experience is to use technology to your advantage.
I would consider myself a techy guy and I love having all kinds of gadgets. Two of my favorite gadgets are my Samsung Galaxy S5 and my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. I have always had apple products but around last semester I decided to try out android products. I am telling you right now the amount of organization and coordination you can utilize with android devices is out of this world.
One of the first things I wanted to talk about was all of the calendar apps you can use. I love to make sure the app is customizable so that way I have control of how the app runs and feels. The best part about android is the accessability of widgets. Having the widget right on my home screen gives me easy access to all the information I put into my calendar. Most of the calendar apps also are compatible with google accounts so syncing your calendars to the apps is easy and simple giving you unlimited information right at your finger tips.
The are tons of sticky noke apps and widgets that allow you to stick little reminders right to you home screen and maybe even your lock screen. These come in handy when you have that random little fact your trying to remember but know you will forget.
Another great thing about these android devices is that rel time whether widgets and apps and plentiful. I personally have weather widgets for Utica, Rochester, and Muncy so that way where ever I am I know I am prepared for the weather. This comes in handy especially in Utica since Utica can have all four season within a single day.
Having a tablet I think is a extremely smart investment. It last for an extremely long time, it is easy to carry around and looks professional. Now a days there is just too much information out there and with a tablet or even a andiod smart phone you can have all the information you want all together on one scree with live feed. You got to be one step ahead of your competition and being organized and more prepared is the first step to landing that big job or interview.