Vroom Vroom…Having a Car on Campus

Hey Everyone!

Here are some questions and answers I receive often from prospective students and families regarding cars on campus!

“Can I have a car on campus as a freshman”

Yes, you may. Anyone is entitled to have a car on campus.

“What if I do not have a car or want to bring my car”

If you do not have a car or do not want to bring it the first semester, there are other options such as: the student activities van (has a schedule, it goes out for free for students), a taxi, the bus, your friends and Zip cars that Utica College students can rent out for a reduced price.

“How much is it to have my car on campus”

It is free to have your car on campus. You just need to go to the Campus Safety office to get it registered in order to get a sticker to show you your parking lot and to show that your car belongs on campus (is not some random person’s car). You must have a sticker in order to park on campus or you can face charges (parking ticket).

“Are there certain places I have to park”

Yes, you have to park in your designated parking lot, everyone (faculty, commuters and different dorm residents) have there own lots. If you are not parked in your lot, you can face a parking ticket.

“What is it like to have a car on campus”

My first year as a freshman I did not bring my car on campus because I wanted to figure out the Utica area first. I got rides from friends, borrowed their cars and I used the Utica van system. It worked well, but I also like to have my own car. I brought my car to campus and I really enjoy it, I also feel safe with it because Campus Safety keeps an eye on the parking lots at night. Recently, my car tire got a slow leak and I went down the road (2 minutes away) to Oriskany Garage and Tire and they were so helpful! I recommend them to anyone, especially college students because they were so friendly and helpful, especially since I am not knowledgeable with cars! My point is, you will be in good hands if anything crazy does happen to your car, life happens!