Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I am sure you’re mulling over what you should plan for your significant other.
How you decide to celebrate depends not only on the length and severity of your relationship, but your personalities.
Here are 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas –

1. Buy a dinner reservation – If you totally forgot to make dinner plans, and you’re hopeless in the kitchen, you may have to fork it out and purchase somebody else’s reservation.

2. Get dinner sent to your home – Maybe you’re not so bad in the kitchen. Use the app “Plated” to order a pre-planned meal to your home with all the right ingredients for every course. All you have to do is cook it.

3. Order a couples’ massage – Order same-day massages to your place. The masseuses bring everything you need including their expert skills.

4. Help her make a statement with bold earrings – If your sweetheart has a bolder style, pick out jewelry that demands to be noticed. Think bright colors, daring shapes, and chunky designs.

5. Skip the flowers and upgrade to a long-lasting bonsai tree – Take a break from flowers and buy her a bonsai tree. Not only do they live for ages, but they also represent the traditions of truth, goodness, and beauty.