Top 5 Questions & TRUE Answers About Utica College

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all staying safe and warm this semester! As you guys know, I am a Tele-counselor and I work the Open House events for incoming students. I was talking to a new Tele-counselor about some of the most popular questions I get from incoming students and I thought it would be helpful to write about them in case any incoming freshman see this blog! Between Open House events (which are an amazing opportunity to see Utica College) and Tele-counseling, these are the Top 5 questions I get…

1. What is there to do at/ around Utica College?

What isn’t there to do on/around Utica College campus? On campus there are always events going on that are put on by the student clubs/organizations, Student Activities and by Utica College Programing Board. Around Utica College, there is the Utica Zoo, many local (and awesome) restaurants, shopping, skiing in the winter, paintball and we are only a half an hour away from Syracuse, which has a lot of things to do! Also, Utica College has an amazing sports support team in which most of the students go to all of the sports games, even intramural sports, to support the college and each other.

2. What is the food like?

The food is pretty good and it keeps getting better! The Dining Commons has a lot of options and has recently been adding even more meals to the menu. For example, today for lunch there was a boneless wings bar!! How awesome is that?! There is always something for everyone and if you don’t feel like eating at the Dining Commons, you can always go to the Pioneer Pub in Streble!

3. Are the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy courses as difficult as people say?

I will not lie to you, the courses can be tough, but they are not nearly as bad as people say it is! I know when I came to college, a lot of people discouraged me by saying the program was impossible. I was terrified to start because I was an average student in high school and therefore I felt I was not ready. I stayed on top of my studies, bought a planner, used my professors office hours and studied as much as it took for me to understand the material. I have been really successful in the programs and it is by far not impossible!!! Do not let people discourage you, but do not expect to do well if you do not put your best effort forth. If you legitimately put forth the effort, you will do just fine and still have time for sports, work and other extracurricular activities!

4. What are the dorms like?

The dorms are a lot bigger than the dorms of other campuses I have visited! Freshman year, my roommate and I were able to have all of our “girl stuff” (TWO: bean bag chairs, full wardrobes/crazy amount of shoes, pet fish, a mini basketball hoop, rugs, refrigerators, garbage cans…ect. Oh, and we were still able to play Just Dance for Wii!!!). Yes, the dorms are pretty big considering all of the stuff my roommate and I had in our freshman dorm!

5. How can I make friends if I do not know anyone that goes to Utica College?

I did not know anyone either and I have met so many amazing people at Utica College! When I came, I went to the Orientation and Open House events and that is how I met my roommate! I also met a lot of friends (that I still have) and exchanged numbers with them at the events. Everyone is in the same awkward boat when coming to college, so don’t feel weird for exchanging numbers and randomly introducing yourself! I also met a lot of friends on my dorm floor Freshman year. My roommate and I kept our door open and everyone walking by came in and introduced themselves. It was really cool to see how friendly everyone was! Don’t be scared, just have a positive mindset that you will make friends and just make it happen! (You can also meet people through events on campus and clubs/organizations!)


If there are any other questions you have regarding Utica College from a student’s perspective, please feel free to comment on this blog! I promise to be honest and reply as soon as possible!



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  1. Love this post! Great answers to questions that are very often asked at summer orientation. I bet this will be very helpful to incoming students!

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