Tips on Professionalism

Hello Folks!

From starting graduate studies at Utica College, going to business type meetings and working the Utica College Admissions events, I have learned quite a bit about professionalism! Here are some tips I thought might be useful to you!

1. Dress Appropriately!!!!! Absolutely do not wear leggings, even if they are paired with a nice shirt! Also do not wear clothes that are a “tight” fit. Wear clothes that are loose fitting, but not sloppy. It is good to ask professors what is considered professional and even take into consideration what they wear for teaching.

2. Use appropriate language: This means do not swear or use slang! Your boss or potential boss will not find humor in “LOL” in a business text or the use of “like” in conversation.

3. Use eye contact: show that you mean business and that you can have an adult conversation.

4. Be confident, but not a know it all! Show that you know your stuff, but keep in mind you do not know everything and it is beneficial to take in everyone’s perspectives.

5. Use manners! It is easy to forget our manners when we are used to being around our friends and family members, so it is important to remember simple manners when you are in a business situation.

Career Services at Utica College also has many pointers on professionalism and even has an Etiquette Dinner to teach students how to be professional at dinner meetings! Check it out!

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