This Weekend

Most of us enjoy watching our football team play. I know I do. This past weekend, many of us were able to attend the game, which was held at Morrisville State College; our school rented a bus for all students who wanted to attend the game but did not have a ride. The weather was a little on the bad side because, unfortunately, it started to rain. Watching the game overall was so much fun because our school was so excited, and everyone cheered and supported our school. Even though we did lose, we still had a good game, and everyone enjoyed it. Overall, it was a great season and we won many, like the game against Buffalo State.

Apart from that, I later went out to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday at Red Lobster. I enjoyed it very much, and the best part was the desert: a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was AMAZING!


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