This Weather?

I hope everyone had a great winter break with your friends and families this year, and I bet you all wish it didn’t have to end. I don’t know how you all felt this break but being that the weather was so nice, it didn’t really feel like Christmas to me. So it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that the week we came back, all the snow came with us. With that being said, I just wanted to give two big tips on how to make it through the weather this semester:

  1. Always check the weather before starting your day.
    • The weather is constantly changing throughout the day, and it’s important that you are wearing the proper clothing. So that means hat, gloves, boots!FullSizeRender-3 copy
    • You don’t want to wear the wrong clothes and then end up getting sick, because getting sick and being away from home is the worst. Mom won’t be here to take care of you.
    • The daysheet, a daily newsletter that goes on to all UC students, always has the weather for the day in the email, so that is one place you can check.


  2. Always check your emails before leaving your room on a snowy day.
    • It is very rare that Utica College cancels classes on a snow day and I learned that last year, but always check for possible cancellations.
    • You don’t want to be that person who gets up and goes to a 9:30 class only to find out you don’t have class that day. Trust me, I’ve done it and I was not happy that day.
    • Especially if you’re coming from dorms like Burrstone where you have to cross the street to get to class, check your email!

These are two big tips that I wish someone had given m,  because there were times when I just put on a sweater not realizing how cold it was outside. Also, there were times where I would go to class only to see I got an email saying class was cancelled. Just stay organized and on top of things this semester, and there will be no worries.


For more information about events on campus, please look at my Twitter where I am constantly tweeting. @Jayson_UC

– Jay

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