The Way of Friendship

High School Graduation Day
High School Graduation Day

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you from my experience, my friends are what got me through the years.


As humans, we need companionship, someone to talk to, and if we don’t… well, we lose all of our humanity and we end up like Tom Hanks in Cast Away and create fictional friends. I know personally, that if I do not have someone to talk to, someone who I can tell everything that is on my mind to, I will end up making imaginary friends to compensate.

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Friends are our external conscious, a way to get a second opinion on our daily situations. Whenever I am unsure about something I never hesitate to ask a friend for their opinion. We care what people think, especially our friends. I know for me, my their opinions matter and I take what they have to say to heart, because I know they are looking out for me.   Friends are also our “little black book.” We tell each other our deepest darkest thoughts and secrets, and its nice to be able to share our feelings and frustrations with people who will not judge us.



Unfortunately, sometimes we have to part with our friends, but no matter what, you will never forget the times you had with those friends. The 2am hysterically crying  phone calls, road trips, movies nights, sleepovers, etc.; these memories will stay with us forever.

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So, you lose some friends along the way, but you also gain some crazy, fun new ones. What matters is that we are not alone in this world. Just remember, friends are there through all of our milestones, our best times ,and even our worst times.