The Utica College National Society of Leadership and Sucess

In addition to being a nursing student and a student blogger, this year I became the Membership Outreach Coordinator for the National Leadership Society of Success. This organization is brand new to UC. The very first Utica College NSLS chapter was established in October, 2014. The NSLS is a leadership society geared towards helping individuals discover and achieve their goals. The society seeks inducted members who are involved in their school community, committed to helping others, and are currently maintaining a good academic gpa.

I was very surprised when I got an invitation. I was immediately interested in what the organization was about and how it could better develop me as a leader and future nurse. I enrolled in the society but I wanted to do much more than just be a member. When, Bethany Piraino (the pioneer of bringing this organization to campus) emailed all the pre-members about the executive board positions, I knew I wanted to be further involved. So I applied, and interviewed for an e-board position. I was very excited when I was offered the position of Member Outreach Coordinator. In this position I help recruit new members to the society, encourage participation in society events, notify members of society activities and events, and answer any questions or concerns regarding the membership of the society.

I am so thankful I not only joined this society but decided to take on an executive board position. I have truly enjoyed working with Bethany Piraino, the other e-board members, and all the dedicated members of the society. I have always considered myself a very goal and career oriented person, it has been such an amazing experience to have that value shared with sooo many other similar minded individuals.

Some people may be wondering what it entails to become an official member of this society. Well, in addition to good academic standing, pre-members will need to attend an orientation, society speaker broadcast, and leadership training days. In addition we ask all members to become a part of a Success Networking Team. This was my personal favorite part of the induction process. For SNTs the society breaks pre-members into small groups of 5-6 people. These groups are asked to meet three or more times and each individual discuss one short or long term goal they are working to achieve. This is really a wonderful opportunity to get support from your peers. I really enjoyed hearing other people’s dreams, goals, and aspirations. In addition, I liked that I had a chance to make an impact on one of my teammate’s goal. One of my teammates was struggling with a class and I was able to refer her to one of my friends for a tutor who was actually majoring in that area. It made me feel really good to know that I could offer her some help.

Once every pre-member completes their requirements for Induction then they are invited to the Induction Ceremony to officially get pinned in the society. Our first Induction ceremony was this past Sunday. The ceremony was held in Strebel Auditorium. Members and member’s families were all invited. In addition to families, we invited faculty and staff members. These staff and faculty members were nominated for awards by members, in many different categories for their outstanding commitment to UC students. In addition to faculty and staff we were very lucky to have Alane Varga (Dean of Diversity), give the keynote speech. Overall the ceremony went great and we inducted over 120 members! It was great to see soo many proud parents, teachers, staff, and students. I felt a huge sense of pride to be part of such a big and successful organization.

nsls ceremony


NSLS is a very rewarding society to be a part of. Besides from its large size, its ability to form you into a better leader, and it’s dedicated members, it is a society that encourages community service. Once someone is inducted, the society encourages at least five hours or more of community service. There are many awards and scholarships available for members who complete community service and members who go above and beyond in service. Encouraging helping the school and local community is just one of the many reasons I love this society.


Anybody, reading this blog that is a dedicated, hardworking student, and wants to become a great future leader; should really consider becoming a member of this society. In addition to developing yourself, meeting new friends, and becoming an official NSLS member; they’re many perks to being a part of the society. Some of these include discounts to businesses such as Geico and Sports Authority, an exclusive Job banks, many opportunities for scholarships and awards, broadcast archives, and custom written letters of recommendation from NSLS administrators. If you are new to UC and are looking to get involved in an organization, please consider NSLS. If you would like to enquire or learn more about becoming a member, feel free to email me at!

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