The Top 10 Tracks That Get Me Through Finals Week

With finals week fast approaching, (have you looked at the calendar??) I always find music as a motivator to help me study and keep my confidence level up!

So, without further ado, here is my top 10 list of songs that keep me going!

1) So Small – Carrie Underwood

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So Small has always been a favorite song of mine. It has gotten me through some challenging times in the past, and still remains to do so today. This song is a reminder to stop worrying so much about little things that don’t matter and to start focusing on the things and people you have in your life that are important. This song also helps me to realize that my problems really aren’t as big as they seem. Hence the title….

2) Roar – Katy Perry

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This song is such a fun, upbeat, kick – butt song! It’s the perfect motivation to tackle finals. This song helps to give confidence and lets me know that I can handle any exam (or anything) that comes my way, no matter how challenging, and that I will come out a champion!

3) Unstoppable – Rascal Flatts

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Rascal Flatts know how to motivate! Unstoppable encourages anyone who is going through a rough time. It says no matter what circumstances, you are unstoppable. You are not easily defeated. Since tests make some people (and me) a bit nervous, and a bad grade can make us feel defeated, this song is amazing to remember.

4) Letter to Me – Brad Paisley

unnamed (5)

In this song, Brad is talking about how what he thought was a big deal, what he thought was major problems at the age of 20/21, really wasn’t. He looks back on his life now – as an adult – and puts things into perspective. It’s just a really cool song to listen to…it makes a lot of sense.

5) It Happens – Sugarland

unnamed (3)

Can you tell I love country music yet? Ha! 😉 This is a funky, feel-good song that is so easy to relate too. Got a bad grade on a test? It happens. Didn’t get the job you were hoping for? It happens. Running late because you overslept?….Well, you see what I’m getting at. The point of this song is to not take life so seriously. To not get so emotionally involved in every little thing. To learn to let go and realize things aren’t always going to go your way. Love it.

6) Jesus Take The Wheel – Carrie Underwood

unnamed (11)

Those who know me, know I have no trouble admitting my Faith. I’m definitely not ashamed of it…I was raised that way! This song has been so inspirational to me over the years. It reminds me to slow down, Pray, relax, and just let myself be at peace with whatever is bothering me (during this time….finals week!)

7) Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson

unnamed (9)


This really has nothing to do with finals, or college in general, but this is an amazing song. Give it a listen. It’s empowering!

8) Settlin’ – Sugarland


Such a motivating song! I know I’ve been saying that a lot, but it’s true! This one talks about never settling for anything less than the BEST! That’s some really sound advice that we all should take!

9) One Day You Will – Lady Antebellum

unnamed (8)

Lady A sure knows how to tug on the heart strings! Seriously, this song fills me up with so much encouragement. This definitely targets us college students. It just basically sends the message that you’ll be okay, no matter what happens. Any trial only makes us stronger.

10) Today is Your Day – Shania Twain

unnamed (6)

The perfect song to wake up to! Kind of sets the tone for the day. This song really stresses to have a positive attitude and to choose happy every single day. Make up your mind that no matter what annoyances happen throughout the day, nothing can break you down!

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