The New Purple Lokai

I recently spent the best $18 of my life on the new limited edition purple Lokai bracelet. Why? Because it holds something of extreme value to my life. I purchased a traditional Lokai bracelet a year ago and ever since that day I have gotten endless emails from them. Usually, like most emails, I just delete them unless they are of importance to me. However, this email had the word “Alzheimer’s” in the subject and I automatically opened it to find the new purple bracelet.


The new purple Lokai is for Alzheimer’s disease awareness. This disease affects an individual’s memory. My grandmother has been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, so what better way to show my support for her while I am away than wearing the new purple Lokai?

By purchasing the new purple Lokai, the company has agreed to donate $1.00 from each bracelet sold to Alzheimer’s Association with a minimum donation of $300,000. This money is then used to help Americans suffering of the disease with their health services, their caregivers, and these funds also contribute to the on-going research of the disease.

So, by spending $18.00, I am funding a group that will benefit many people like my grandmother who suffer of Alzheimer’s Disease.

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