The Downside of My Coffee Addiction

I cannot go one day without having some sort of caffeinated beverage, particularly coffee. I am going to attempt to slowly remove caffeinated beverages from my daily routine and here’s why:

Blog Post 1 - dunkin cupCaffeine raises blood pressure. Caffeine tends to cause blood pressure to rise for 2-3 hours after finishing the drink.

Caffeine is often linked to insomnia. Quite frequently, I find myself lying in bed at night unable to fall asleep. This could possibly be linked to the amount of caffeine that I consume on a daily basis.

Headaches, and lots of them. If I go without my morning cup of coffee, I end up with a caffeine-related headache. Sometimes, the lack of caffeine results in a migraine that ends up making me sick.

Caffeine is addictive and leaves people wanting more sugar and even more caffeine. This is particularly true to my lifestyle. I consume coffee (more than I should) and certain sodas. I crave the sugar and the caffeine, which is really bad for my diet and nutrition.

How many of us have heard that “caffeine stunts your growth”? It’s true. I’ve researched it numerous times. Caffeine decreases ossification in your bones, which can result in more fractures and decreased bone growth – hence “stunting” your growth. This is why you really shouldn’t consume much caffeine as a kid.

After really thinking about how much caffeine I consume on a daily basis, I honestly became a little nervous and decided to research it to find these five things. I am hoping that I can slowly wean myself off of the excess caffeine to avoid many of these issues in my later life. Let’s see how it goes after spring break and you can expect a blog post discussing my findings!