The Coolest Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me…

I am very fortunate to live a short 45 minutes from Manhattan, the heart of New York City. I myself like to think of my ordinary town as the stem of the big apple. During high school it was not rare that a few of my friends and I would ditch school and hop on an express train into Grand Central. Sorry, mom.

Our favorite things to do in the city included grabbing lunch and walking around Time Square. For some strange reason I always found the constant-moving atmosphere and intensity of afternoon traffic soothing. There is just something about those gigantic buildings that puts me in my place and makes me feel capable of anything.

One day about four years ago a few of my friends and I decided to skip school yet again and go into the city to do some shopping and get lunch. While we were walking down a side street near Time Square we bumped into two large men. By the time we looked up from our phones to apologize and see who it was, a head popped out from behind the men. Who was is you ask…. none other then Ellen DeGeneres!

Dumbfounded and super geeked out because I have never met someone famous before, I jolted out my hand and said “Hi!” louder then I probably should have. She shook my hand and then apologized for having to leave in such a hurry. I stood there more still than the surrounding skyscrapers – frozen in time.

Round trip train ticket into the city: $14.50.

Meeting Ellen DeGeneres: Priceless.

Not getting a picture: 100 years of utter regret.