The A.I.M. Showcase

aimThis past Saturday was the third annual A.I.M. Showcase, which consisted of nine acts, and from these nine acts, were the A.I.M. girls themselves. This event was very well put together and offered diverse performances. The first to take the stage was the gospel choir. They did an amazing job, and their lead singer was exceptional.


I would say the most anticipated performance was from The Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, also known as “The Boys in Blue.” They destroyed the stage with their incredibly unique routine that absolutely no one was ready for. The LSU Fraternity also took the stage with a routine that had great choreography and everyone certainly enjoyed. UC’s step team, also known as Prestige, took the floor with their three returning members, but then surprised us by showing their new additions to the team. Prestige looks like they’re going to be one full team this semester.


Open Moments also took the stage, as well as two solo rappers. Everyone enjoyed what they had to bring to the show, and there were great intermissions between each dance group. A spiritual dancer named Kathleen took the stage and killed her routine. It was a very touching one. She showed so much enthusiasm and so much dedication in her dance that it was so hard not to be inspired.

kathleenLast but not least the A.I.M. girls concluded this event with their creative hip-hop dance mix. They did an amazing job putting this event together and getting such great acts to come together for their cause: children’s cancer. I am hoping that they raised a lot of money to go towards their cause. Overall, it was a very successful event, and I can’t wait for their next show.

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