My Other Family

I came to Utica College with one thing on my mind, and that was softball. Freshman year flew by, and I realized I wanted to be more than an athlete. I envied the friendships my friends had with their sorority sisters and began to sit on the idea of rushing Chi Beta Sigma. After meeting the girls I knew it was something I was going to pursue. A couple of weeks ago I went through the sorority recruitment process, and it definitely was a process. It showed me I can be strong during tough times, I could get through anything I put my mind to, and in the end, it directed me to the people I now call my sisters. Honestly, people get a lot of wrong information about sororities but the one thing people are right about is that they will be your second family. My sisters mean the world to me and I couldn’t be more proud to be a Chi Beta Sigma sister.

IMG_3251People think all we do is “party.”

We are a group of girls who know how to have a good time, but it isn’t the only thing we do. Being in a sorority comes with a lot of responsibility. We each have duties to fulfill. The positions held by the sisters are taken very seriously. A part of being in Chi Beta Sigma is that we to give back to the community. Whether we are walking for a cause like for the breast cancer walk where we support the fight against cancer, raking leaves for the elderly during fall clean up or adopting a classroom in which we help students in our local community who need our help during this cold season, our community service is something we put a lot of thought into and is something we are very proud of.

But we still have awesome bar nights….

Who doesn’t want to dress up for a specific theme? Our bar nights are some of the most memorable nights for people at Utica College.

College Student One: “Remember that awesome Saturday when we went to the bullet and dressed Christmas colors for the Naughty or Nice theme?”

College Student Two: “Was it one of the Chi Beta Sigma bar nights?”

College Student One: “YEAH. It was the night you wore your ugly Christmas sweater and Santa hat”

College Student Two: “OH RIGHT. Damn that was a night to remember, I had a great time. Themed nights at UC are always a great time!

You are hazed before you can be a member.

WRONG. We have a strict NO hazing policy. It is an inaccurate portrayal of Greek life. Our sorority is against domestic violence and anything that pertains to a sister, so why would we take it out of people who want to be a part of Chi Beta Sigma?

“Greeks think they are better than everyone especially when they show off their letters.”

Just like my sisters and little brothers, I worked my a** off to wear these letters. I do not think I am better than anyone, but I am proud to wear these letters. They make me feel accomplished and give me a huge sense of pride. Receiving your letters is one of the best feelings in your life that you want to keep replaying. So, yes I feel amazing when I support my sorority, but no I don’t think I’m better.

Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.

You eventually learn that everyone goes out of their way for each other. You laugh together, cry together, eat together, watch terrible movies on Netflix and eventually just do everything together. It may seem annoying, but until you get the firsthand experience of being a part of a sorority, you’re not going to understand it.

Together forever, forever together.

I intended on joining a sorority, but instead I became a part of an amazing family with sisters and little brothers who support me and are there for me through thick and thin.

If interested in learning more about the sisters and little brothers of Chi Beta Sigma, feel free to contact me! Don’t be the fog, learn the truth about Greek life and end put an end to stereotyping Greeks.



Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumnus of Utica College. So many events were held that it was nearly impossible to attend all of them, which was a shame. However, this 2013 homecoming was particularly special to me as it was the first time in 10 years that the alumnus of the Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity came back to an active chapter of Omicron Phi.

We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with a get-together on Varrik Street at the Celtic Harp, where a great number of alumni and undergraduates met for the first time, or reconnected after years of being apart. The entire second floor of the pub was filled with Greek letters, laughing and old chants, which I’m sure pushed the first floor patrons to their limits of tolerance.

Ribbet collage1

Early Saturday morning, we held our Postulant pinning ceremony, a ceremony which marks the beginning of a prospective member’s journey into becoming a brother of Alpha Chi Rho. Of course, at that point, the ceremony was solely for the purpose of maintaining tradition, as I and all the other members of the Fraternity were already brothers. It gave us a chance to be paired up with an alumni “Big Brother” who would guide us through the rest of our college career, and for the rest of our lives. It was an amazing feeling to have my big brother, Jean-Paul Plamondon from the class of 1996, stand before me and administer my oath into the Brotherhood. JP and I both have served in the Army, and got to know each other over the summer when the undergraduates and graduates went camping in the Catskills.


After the pinning ceremony we all moved over to the parking lot for some tailgating activities. Our alumnus went all out, setting out a red carpet, velvet ropes and a wacky waving inflatable tube man. I don’t think Utica College has ever seen so many AXP letters on its campus at one time. Needless to say, we had an awesome time.