SYBL: Lunch with favorite professor

14. Have lunch with your favorite professor

Another thing off the list! One of my favorite things about Utica College is the size. The school with only about 2,800 undergraduate students and a typical class size of 20,  is classified as a small school. I never look at it as a disadvantage however because it provides me with numerous opportunities for personal and academic growth. Since our professors actually know our names, we are able to take advantage of getting to know them and building great academic relationships with them.

Last Fall, I was able to do something that I know hope many students at Utica College take advantage of, have lunch with one of my favorite professors, Leonore Fleming of the Philosophy Department (and her best friend Paige).


I met Dr.Fleming during the Fall 2013 semester when I enrolled in her Philosophy 101: Critical Thinking class. Let’s be clear on something, I hate philosophy. Well, at least I thought I did prior to that class but from the moment I walked in I had a feeling Fleming would change my opinion. After a 3-minute back and forth of the pronunciation of my name¬† I had decided this class would be on of my favorites and so would Professor Fleming. She was actually the best, from her stylish outfits to how she appreciated creativity submitted within assignments.


During lunch, fellow blogger, Laura and I got to learn all about Dr.Fleming’s childhood and growing up as well as what led her to Utica College. We talked about some of her childhood memories, like Peace Frog, Tamagotchi and the embarrassment of having a boy call your house phone only to have your father pick up.

We even taught Dr.Fleming a few things about our generation, like how to be basic.

Fleming4 FLeming

To learn more about Dr. Fleming and how to enroll in her next course, visit the the website. Want to learn more about my Senior Year Bucket List? Check it out how far I’ve made it on my list!