Survivor: OT Fieldwork Edition

Hey Everyone!

Last Monday I started my first Level One Fieldwork for Occupational Therapy and I have survived!!! My classmates and I were all nervous about starting our first fieldwork and as far as I know, we have all enjoyed our placements! As a first year Grad student in the OT program, you get to pick and make a list of the places you would like to go for your first two week placement as long as it is an adult setting. I chose many places in the Utica area, but you can go anywhere to do it (some of my friends are in Florida) and the awesome Cora Bruns (OT professor at UC) will help you make it happen! I ended up at the Lutheran Care facility in Clinton, NY about ten minutes away from Utica College. It is primarily a sub-acute facility with some outpatients. Sub-acute settings are basically the next step after a client gets discharged from the hospital and they typically stay in the setting for 100 days, sometimes less/more. I was really nervous at first because I have never been around that type of setting before and I was worried I was not going to be prepared or know what to expect. After the first day, I felt a lot more comfortable and I knew I was prepared due to my OT classes and other classes like Biology, Neuro, Kinesiology and Gross anatomy. I felt like I knew the diagnosis of the clients, understood their treatments and the language of the OT’s and PT’s. I had already seen/ been introduced to most of the things I observed, but there was also a lot that I asked my supervisor. There are many aspects of the profession that can only be learned in practice and that is why our two week fieldwork is pretty much just observational with some hands on learning under the supervision of the OT we were assigned. I have been very lucky to have a supervisor who lets me get hands on and help with the treatments of the clients. It has definitely been beneficial for me because it helped me absorb information and it has also given me practice for my 12 week fieldwork in the summer that I will be given a caseload to work with. I still have a couple days left, but I think I am going to survive my first fieldwork!

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