Super Bowl Week!

This is one of the most exciting times of the beginning of the year. It’s super bowl week. The professors, students and faculty are talking amongst each other of who they are placing bets where the super bowl parties are and what wings and pizza they are ordering. This is just a another example how sports not even our own Utica College sports can bring together the Utica College community. This Sunday, if you already do not have plans of hosting your own super bowl party you can come to a super bowl partied at the Utica College pioneer spot in Strebel hosted by the brothers of Iota Phi Theta. Food and Refreshments will be provided. This is an exciting time! It brings the students together and even the professors before class indulge in trash talk of who they are rooting for in the super bowl. Not to mention the day after all the funny commercials will be spoke about on the campus of Utica College. So enjoy Super Bowl weekend with your fellow classmates and professors!