Student Senate

Utica College Student Senate is one of the largest organizations on campus. I am currently the active vice president. Student Senate serves as the voice for all the students at Utica College by listening to the students’ issues and concerns. The goal of the organization is to stand for the student body. Being the vice president has taught me many things about myself and Utica College. I learned that there is nothing one can’t do, and if you want something to happen, or change you must strive towards it and continuously work at it.

Student Senate helped me become a stronger leader and student activist. It’s the place where students that want to see growth and change on campus meet and work towards it together. As vice president the duties seemed like a lot but with my amazing e-board and members definitely make the load easier.

unnamed         (Student Senate’s executive board and advisor are picture above)

Student Senate meets Wednesday at 1pm in Bell Conference Room. All students, faculty, and staff are welcomed in these bi-weekly meetings. Our next meeting will be March 4th, and President Todd Hutton will be in attendance. Senate hopes to see you all there and hear your comments and concerns. “Be the change you seek” – Gandhi




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