Staying Safe on Campus

We often hear about the horror stories about things happening on college campuses and we often think, “I will be fine, nothing will ever happen to me.” I am not writing this blog post to scare anyone to believe that our campus isn’t safe, but I would love to share some tips and resources that you can utilize if you ever feel unsafe or are worried while on campus. Our campus is in a very populated area and many people are walking through and around our school, it is important to be aware what is going on around you!

Did you know? Campus Safety’s phone number is 315-792-3046. They are located around the back corner of Strebel Student Center, in room 112. It is also kitty-corner to the Clark Athletic center, and accessible by the sidewalk leading from Strebel to Clark Athletic Center. Their office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm, but are available to reach on the phone 24/7.


Have you ever felt unsafe walking back from the academic side of campus to the residential side, or across the street to the Burrstone House? You can call Campus Safety and they will escort you from where you are to where you need to go.

Have you noticed the blue lights on campus? These blue lights are a great way to connect with Campus Safety immediately if you notice suspicious activity or do not feel safe. Students from Leadership Weekend have presented to Student Senate the importance of the blue light system and our campus is currently in the works of getting more on the pathways and within the parking lots.

Remember the buddy system? If you can, grab a buddy to walk with! It never hurts to be with someone when walking around campus.

Be alert. Be alert to what your surroundings are. When walking around campus, especially late at night, make sure that you aren’t on the phone or have your head phones in. It is important to know who and what is going on around you.

I personally know many of the Campus Safety Officers and I think they are all so wonderful! They are very friendly and do a great job keeping our campus safe. Save their number, say hello to the Campus Safety Officers, find the blue lights on campus, and continue to be alert about what is going on around you.