Stay True to Yourself

Hey Everyone,

I remember coming in as a freshman and not knowing anyone and being completely nervous! One thing that is important to remember when coming to a new place with new people is to stay true to yourself. When I came to Utica I wore my cowboy boots and the belt buckle I won from showing horses because that was typical where I grew up!  As some of you can imagine, this probably was not something that was a fashion trend in Utica. Some people gave me funny looks and some actually thought it was cool that I rode horses. My point is, when you are coming into a new situation or new place, you may feel insecure being yourself and you may feel as though you need to change yourself to fit in. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!!! I felt like I had to fit in for the first month or so and I felt awful about myself. It felt like everyday was Halloween and I was trying to be someone I was not because I thought I might not fit in being myself. Then I made friends with the founders of The League of Extraordinary Nerds and when I told them about myself and that I rode horses they thought it was cool! We became very close and I realized I could be myself and still fit in and make friends. When I did this, I became happier and I actually made a lot more friends by being myself and joining clubs due to my confidence in myself. IMG952859 copy 2

The League of Extraordinary Nerds is a club against bullying and it is for anyone that is nerdy about something! I highly recommend the group to anyone because it is just a great group of people who just want to be themselves in a judge free zone. I absolutely love my friends that are in it and who were in it! They really made Utica feel like home!

When starting out in a new place you may feel insecure with yourself and it is important to remember to stay true to yourself no matter what! You will feel better about yourself, be happier overall and your confidence will attract others to you.

“Why fit in when you were born to STAND OUT” – Dr. Suess300980_4691698215828_899169177_n

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