So much to do in so little time!

stressedI am sure since finals are right around the corner, many of you are looking like the person in the cartoon right now! Finals can be a very stressful time, between worrying about final grades, GPA’s, projects, papers and even the stress of packing for home! Just remember, although you are very busy, you need to be able to have some sort of relaxation period at the end of the day or it could lead to serious problems that you don’t need!

Stress can cause:

Over/under eating

Anxiety and irritability

Lack of sleep



So just remember to take time to relax, some ideas are…

Watch a movie with friends (Disney movies are a great pick-me-up!)

Treat yourself to a nice dinner

Go to the zoo with friends

Play video games or read a book for fun

Go outside and play or go to the gym and work out your anxiety!

Go to the various end of the year events the campus is having!

As long as you remember to do things that make you happy in this busy time, you will have no problem getting through finals and enjoying your summer!