Snow Daze!

69be597dc5de4e27a6a7dadfe38b23acHey guys! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing break and you are ready to get through this semester with flying colors! Starting tomorrow, Utica College is kicking off the new semester with Snow Daze! Utica College Programming Board is hosting activities everyday this week for everyone to enjoy to start off the semester with a bit of good, clean fun! Here are the events for this week!

Monday: MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!! In Streble Lounge at 8pm there will be Bookstore Bingo with lots of prizes from the bookstore!

Tuesday: Thinkfast Gameshow is a second FAVORITE of mine and it will be held at 8pm in Streble Lounge with a $200 prize!

Wednesday: Another FAVORITE!!!!!!!! Snow Daze Make Your Own Crafts in Streble Lounge from 12pm-4pm and you will get the opportunity to even make your own soap!

Wednesday Night: You cant beat some nice musical entertainment and dinner! Stop by Pioneer Pub at 9pm for live musical entertainment by Nick Hagelin

Thursday: Need a good laugh? In Pioneer Pub at 9pm, enjoy live comedy by Adam Grabowski!

Friday: Wind down after the first week with a good movie! “Horrible Bosses 2” will be featured at 8pm in Streble Lounge

Utica College is awesome because of all the wonderful events they put on to entertain the students and even faculty! Stop by these events for a good time, I know I will be there!

For more information on Snow Daze and other activities on campus check out the link below!