Snow Daze

Here in Upstate NY, we are no stranger to cold weather. Luckily for UC students, the Utica College Programming Board has a whole week of events planned to help students enjoy the first full week of classes, even with the freezing temperatures outside! When students attend the events of the week, they can swipe their UC ID and be entered into a raffle to win a giant teddy bear this Friday. I thought that idea was beary nice. Heh heh heh.

Today, there were make-your-own crafts in Strebel Lounge. I was so excited to get out of classes and hear music playing on my way to the Caf upstairs- I knew something fun was happening in the lounge! Sure enough, there was a huge table with many different activities for students to do. It was great to see such a variety of students hanging out together and having fun, especially since Wednesdays on campus are an extremely busy day for student meetings.

My friend Laura and I tried out several of the crafts (some more successfully than others). We made awesome sugar scrubs for our hands, which we got to pick the scent for- I stuck with classic vanilla, but the option of a “maple pancake” scent was pretty tempting. We also created monograms out of cardboard and yarn- and trust me, it was harder than it sounds! There was even a cookie decorating station, which I definitely took full advantage of.

The event was a great break in my busy Wednesday schedule. One of my favorite organizations at UC is UCPB, because they always have such fun events on campus every week, they offer a variety of different entertainment within their events, and everything is always free for students! Once again, UCPB held an awesome event that I and many other students had a blast during. There are still several more Snow Daze events lined up for the week, and I am looking forward to seeing who wins the teddy bear on Friday!