Share the Love & Happy Thanksgiving!

To some of us Thanksgiving is not a holiday, but to most of us it is. I really dislike the fact that after the Native Americans helped the new Americans that arrived from England, the people from England took advantage of their help and started killing the native Americans to take over the country. Overall, I feel like Thanksgiving’s main focus was on that night that the Native Americans united with the pilgrims and gave them lots and lots of food, and both races had dinner as a big happy family.

That is what we have to look at, and take note that we should be thankful for what we have been given – for the people that we meet, the people that raise us and help us do better in life. All of us make mistakes. We cannot hate people forever. We should forgive one another because not everybody is the same. So take your time to thank people for everything they have done for you as well as to better yourself to help others and not hurt them.

Apart from that, one of the things I am thankful is for coming to Utica College. I have met both mean and nice people, but overall nice. I love the vibe in this small city where you know most people, and most people enjoy your presence when you come into the room. It is something I don’t really experience much in New York City. Here, the love is big, and as well as in the Utica College campus. I love the fact that we get to have Thanksgiving dinner here in the cafeteria, and for me personally, it is one of the best meals of the whole school year. We all look so happy and full of joy, eating like a big happy family during this time of the year. And even though Utica has brought me both ups and downs, Utica College’s experience is one I am greatfull of having in my memories for the rest of my life.

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